SYDNEY LIVE EVENT Saturday, 3rd November 2018 

Prosper With Productivity

How to DOUBLE your productivity, get more CLIENTS and make more MONEY, without the fluff or overwhelm 

A day of pure productivity and action for entrepreneurs

Limited Spaces to give you the best results!

If this sounds like you...

  • You feel there’s never enough time to get everything done in your business  
  • You want to attract more clients but don't know where to start  
  • You have an overload of information, course notes and ideas, but don't have enough time to put it into action  
  • You're not making enough profit  
  • You're overwhelmed with busyness and not knowing the best next steps in your business  
  • You feel like your To-Do list is never-ending and it's stressful to look at... are not alone. The vast majority of business owners struggle with these same issues too.  

For many years, I went to heaps of workshops, read loads of books and consumed countless amounts of information about sales, marketing, mindset, presenting and wealth-creation... but I was still broke!

Every time I learned more, my list of things to do grew longer and longer and I never seemed to have the time to apply it all. 

I would find myself going to another event to find answers, yet what I really needed was time to take action what I had learned.

I often walked away from seminars and workshops feeling so frustrated, because I'd learn more about all the things I WASN'T doing. 

The problem was, I didn't know what were the most critical things to do and I'd get stuck in overwhelm.

Inevitably, I would end up procrastinating. 

It all felt too hard and I didn't know where to focus my time and attention...  

Blogging? YouTube videos? Podcasting? Facebook Lives? Instagram? Paid Ads? LinkedIn?  

I started so many things but I didn't finish them. Then I'd feel disappointed and annoyed at myself.  

Eventually, I began to realise that I needed to block out times to take action on what I had learned. I also realised that if I wanted to stay in business, I needed better skills and systems that supported my goals. 

Successful businesses and leaders execute on the things that matter. They don’t just learn more, they build systems to support changes and free up more time and energy.  

To grow our dream business, time-management is crucial. Yet it's one of the most under-rated wealth creation strategies!  

So I made time to invest in learning the best time-management, productivity and automation strategies and began to apply them in my business.  

It made a huge difference, not only to my state of mind, but also to my ability to attract clients and ultimately, my income.  

People often say to me things like "I feel like I'm so busy, but not making the money I want"  

I realised that what most entrepreneurs need more than anything is...

  • Clarity on their next steps
  • Direction on how to do it
  • Feedback along the way 
  • A supportive environment to get things done  

This is why I created 'Prosper With Productivity' 

This workshop is not just a learning day, but a DOING day.

You'll have the time, space and guidance to apply the most important actions in your business that will get you fast results, so you leave with stuff DONE.

Alongside a small group of other entrepreneurs at the boardroom table, you will be supported in the most important next steps in your business - with instant feedback! (no more confusion or procrastinating!)

You'll be away from all the distractions and have a coach (me!) by your side, guiding you to do the things that will make a big difference in your business.

Bring your laptop and let's get those things ticked off! You will actually work ON your business and SEE the PROGRESS!

At 'Prosper With Productivity' you'll get the most important things DONE, so you can make the MOST income and impact in your business

Developing the skills of productivity and automation is not only a huge advantage in business, it's crucial.

If you've been looking for someone to throw you a lifesaver and pull you out of the storm into the calm, this workshop is for you!  

You'll replace procrastination and overwhelm with a new sense of peace and spaciousness. This will allow new ideas, creativity and energy to flow in so you can get more clients and make more money!

After this day of pure productivity and action, you'll go home feeling SUPER proud of yourself, with a huge sense of achievement and a ticked-off To-Do list!

What You'll Gain From This Powerful 1-Day Workshop: 

  • Those things you've been putting off - DONE!  

- A content creation plan - A clear social media strategy - Facebook and Instagram posts designed - A lead magnet outline designed 

  • Clarity on your next steps, so you don’t waste another second wondering what to do next  
  • 5 simple strategies to become the most super-productive and successful version of you, so you can attract more clients  
  • Top tools and technology hacks to create effective systems for your life and business  
  • A plan to declutter your mind, computer, inbox and environment so you can create more spaciousness, energy and excitement 

Here's Why This Is The Right Workshop For You...

  • You'll get effective tools and strategies that you can apply straight away  
  • You'll meet like-minded people to build your network with other entrepreneurs  
  • You'll have all your questions answered in an intimate setting to get you unstuck and moving forward into the right action, fast  
  • You'll get distraction-free time in the workshop to APPLY what you're learning straight away, with a coach by your side  
  • You'll get an Action List done! This workshop is not just about learning, but DOING!  


A 60-minute Private One-on-One Productivity Coaching Session with Kat, valued at $195!

* (First time clients only)  

Join Us At 'Prosper With Productivity' on Saturday, 3rd November, 197 Pitt St, Sydney

$127 for single, or $97 each with a friend (save $40 each!)

Includes snacks, lunch and a workbook 🍇☕️  

These workshops sell out fast, so grab your place now!

Meet Your Presenter For The Day... 

Kat Millar: Speaker, Business Coach & Owner of Amplify Your Influence

Kat Millar has helped thousands of people to achieve life-changing results over the last 15 years. She offers a wide range of knowledge drawn from her experience as a business owner - coaching, training and presenting in three different countries. 

Kat is a professionally trained Speaker and NLP Practitioner. She has invested tens of thousands of hours into learning highly-effective business, mindset and influence skills.  

Her seminars and workshops are always packed with valuable strategies and takeaways that can be applied straight away.  

Join Us At 'Prosper With Productivity' Saturday, 3rd November, 197 Pitt St, Sydney

Only $127 for single, or $97 each with a friend (save $40 each!)

Includes snacks, lunch and a workbook 🍇☕️  

These workshops sell out fast, so grab your place now!