Want to connect with your purpose and have more abundance in your life? Discover how at… 


A day-retreat for driven, motivated and busy women to retreat, recharge and refocus in a soul-nourishing environment

Limited Spaces!

We get it. 

You see empowered women living their dreams and you wonder when it's your turn. 

You're frustrated because you're sick of putting others before yourself and feel that time is slipping away.

Yet another year is nearly over and you find yourself thinking "What about me? What about MY dreams?"

Join us if you'd like to:

Retreat: Get away from everything and everyone for a day. Press “pause” on your busy life and take the time to slow down. This day is all about you. Get away from distractions and enjoy great connections, speakers, and fun. 

Recharge: Enjoy the freedom of a whole day to reflect and recharge. Release any frustrations and stress and be nourished in a beautiful community. You'll feel nurtured - mind, body and soul and will leave with renewed energy. 

Refocus: Indulge your love of learning, set new exciting goals, and reimagine in a gorgeous environment. Reconnect with your values and what's most important to you. Our speakers will inspire you, expand your thinking and get you ready to take action on your vision and next steps.

"If you want new perspectives and reasons to step out of fear and into the life you want, this is it!" 

- Corinne Blight, Business Owner

Who Is This Event For?  

#1: Leaders, High-achievers and Go-Getters  

Discover how to go to the next level in every area of your life, including health, finances, relationships, mindset and career or business.

#2: Coaches, Business Owners & Emerging Entrepreneurs  

Be inspired by our entrepreneurial speakers about how to step up and make a bigger impact in the world, whether you have a business or not.

#3: ALL Women Who Want To Create A Better Life 

This event is for you if you're ready for a change. Release the blocks holding you back in all areas so that you can experience more freedom in your life.  

"There was such a welcoming atmosphere, I felt very looked after. Very authentic speakers!" 

- Penny Dalton

At Unleash Your Freedom, you will:  

1 Clarify your vision in alignment with your core values

2 Unpack your unique gifts & walk away with a deeper understanding of your purpose

3 Release the biggest limiting beliefs that are holding you back 

4 Learn effective strategies to release negative emotions and move beyond fear  

5 Create mindset shifts that can attract opportunities to start flowing into your life, almost effortlessly.  

"I loved the topics, the venue, the great energy and the speakers, speaking with heart and vulnerability." 

- Sarah Roebuck

What You Get At This Powerful 1-Day Event:  

  • A female-exclusive event, with expert speakers, who are highly knowledgeable, raw and real  
  • A caring, supportive team, which provides a unique, safe and empowering environment  
  • Fun activities and guided visualisations  
  • Delicious healthy lunch and snacks (with gluten-free/dairy-free/vegan options) and drinks  
  • Gorgeous sponsored prizes to be won  
  • Lush goodies and gifts  
  • A workbook that follows the outline of the day  
  • Meaningful connections with like-minded women  
  • Practical tools and strategies you can apply straight away  
  • A panel of experts sharing stories and wisdom from their journey and tips to help you fast-track your growth

Meet Your Speakers For The Day...  

Kat Millar

Kat Millar is the founder of Unleash your Freedom. She assists people across the globe to create a powerful, high-performance mindset and business.  

Over the last 16 years, Kat has personally helped thousands of people achieve life-changing results in their life through her training and coaching.  

She started her business as a personal trainer and figure competitor and went on to work as a nutrition consultant, mindset coach and in 2015, moved into business coaching and running events.

She has studied Neuro Linguistic Programming, Coaching, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Entrepreneurship.  

She will be sharing about how to overcome your fears and limiting beliefs and transform your life through the power of your mind.


Mary Barker

Mary Barker is an award winning financial services master, wealth coach, trusted advisor, speaker, author, and entrepreneur with over 25 years of service in the financial planning industry. 

She is the Director of Mary Barker Financial Planning, Co- founder of Women and Cent$ and founder of Female Figures and Fat Bottom Lines. 

On a daily basis she is privileged to have her client’s share their most intimate dreams. She assists them to have financial confidence and control over their financial well-being. 

Mary is a sought after keynote speaker, magazine contributor, wealth coach and financial adviser. 

She will be sharing the best of the wisdom she's drawn about how women should deal with finances differently to men, the emotion around wealth and the importance of uncovering our relationship with money. 


Briana Harkness  

Briana Harkness is a highly-experienced health Coach with over 10 years experience in the health and fitness industry. 

She is the co-director of two fitness businesses and creator of the ‘Thrive by Briana Harkness’ Podcast.  

Briana is passionate about wellness, healthy lifestyle, nutrition and helping people live their full potential.  

She loves to help people improve their hormonal balance, energy, and mindset, reach their full potential and thrive in life.  

At Unleash Your Freedom she will be sharing about how to make yourself a priority, nourish yourself - body, mind and soul and her top daily habits to enhance your health, happiness and energy.  


Jessica Santosa

Jessica Santosa is an International Dating & Relationship Coach and the Founder of DATEABILITY.  

Jessica has equipped singles with the mindset and skillset of healthy dating, relationships ad romance in the UK, USA, Europe, and Australia wide.

Her work has been featured on Match UK and The Modern Ruth Project.  

Influenced by a decade of social work, ministry and therapeutic practice, her holistic approach explores the five areas of Character, Crew, Charisma, Counterstrategy and Compatibility, before entering the commitment stages.  

She will be sharing 3 reasons why this is the best time in history to be a strong, empowered woman, the 4 relationships that are risks worth taking and how to be the best version of you in relationships.


Event Outline:

The morning will start with a focus on visioning, learning, connection, writing and discovery. 

We progress to sharing circles, QnA with the speakers, relaxing movement, fun activities and a panel of guests in the afternoon, where you'll hear stories packed with inspiring gems. 

We finish on a high with prize-giving, guided visualisation, sharing and more connection.  

"My highlights were all the wonderful speakers, I also loved the food and connecting with the other women. I learned so much and I am committed to using my voice more!" 

- Vanessa Treverrow 

“What I loved most about the day, was when you realise that you’re not the only one who struggles... you think – why do I need permission from someone else to change? I can give MYSELF permission” 

– Em Garrett

"I loved it - beautiful space, amazing passionate team and an empowering message. Women showing up authentically and whole-heartedy & showing lessons from their journey. I will definitely be showing up in my truth more and stop playing small!" 

- Joanne Tweedie

This is our sixth event and the results of our previous events have been incredible!

Women who had been stuck for years find a new sense of direction, clarity and confidence that they never knew was possible.  

The things that are hard to tackle alone become less daunting when surrounded by like-minded people on a similar journey.

Join us and together we'll create a renewed sense of excitement and purpose in your life, whether that's:

* Having the courage to pursue your dream job or business * Clarity around your purpose in life * Courage to go after your ideal relationship * Developing a powerful, unstoppable mindset * Taking the next step towards better health * Creating your life on your own terms

“It was an amazing day, I am so happy to be part of it, I got out more than what I expected." 

– Ying Chang

"My highlights were the release moments, the speakers, the dancing and the visualisations. I will be applying what I discovered to my life" 

- Laura Gutierrez

What People Are Saying About Unleash Your Freedom

Vanessa Treverrow "I've taken away a lot from each speaker. It's wonderful to be in a space with people who support each other and share ideas. It reminded me that doing things on your own is really hard work... it's great to be around others and get the support and missing pieces"  

Christine Julian "The biggest takeaway for me is how wonderous to be in a group of women that lift, rise, support and empower each other. The energy is amazing... it is the most beautiful experience... exquisite, thank you" 

Jackie Archer "It was an amazing event, I feel so inspired, I feel so ready to go out and do what I want to do. Do yourself a favour and come to one of these events."

Join Us To Unleash Your Freedom 

Saturday November 24, 9.30am - 5pm

Moore Park Golf Club Cnr Cleveland St. and Anzac Parade Sydney

These events sell out fast, so grab your place now!  

Only $137 (save $20 on door price)