Kat Millar from Amplify Your Influence presents...  

Selling With Soul: The Authentic Sales Workshop

Sign up clients to your services and programs, even if you don't like selling 

 How to hear 'yes' from clients who would love to work with you... without being pushy or awkward

  Saturday 6th October 2018, 10:30am - 5pm Suncorp Discovery Store, 197 Pitt Street, Sydney 

Do you avoid sales conversations because you hate rejection? 

Do you find it hard to sign up clients because:

  • You feel like you're just not good at selling?
  • You don't want to come across as pushy or annoying? 
  • You don't know the best way to ask for the sale?


Are you sick of hearing "I'll think about it" or "I can't afford it"?

If you're like most business owners that I speak to, you have so much to offer ... enormous value!  

Yet, if you don't like sales and don't invest time into improving the skill of it ... your business suffers.

Sales are the lifeblood of your business. If you don't sell effectively, your business doesn't make money (and a business that doesn't make money is just a hobby). 

If you want to help more people, then mastering the skill of selling is crucial.  

So many people struggle to sign up clients or sell their programs because they don't have the right structure or skills. 

Which is why I created the 'Selling With Soul' Workshop. 

It's a way of selling that feels fully authentic, enjoyable and aligned with who you are. 

It's designed for Coaches, Consultants & Educators who want to help more people and make more money doing what they love. 

I had done sales for over 10 years in the fitness industry, but when I became a coach and educator and started charging higher prices, I knew I needed to improve my sales skills. 

One day I went to a business seminar and something the speaker said jumped out at me... 

...he said "Sales is the one thing you don't want to learn to improve - but it's the one skill you need to learn to improve".  

I knew he was right. I made a decision to stop putting it off and starting investing more time and energy into taking my sales skills to the next level.  

Achieving a high level of authentic success in sales is about understanding at a deep level how to best serve people and help them get what they want. When I realised that... 

I stopped avoiding selling and started enjoying the process ... and everything changed for me!

I decided to pour my energy into learning authentic sales and how to sell with integrity, which is exactly what I share with you in this upcoming workshop.

Authentic sales is a genuine conversation between two people to see whether there is a match. 

It is not about pushing, manipulating or learning 'tricks' to get people to buy. 

Your offer, combined with the way you offer it are two of the most powerful tools you have to grow your business.  

Getting these two things right will help you to sign up your ideal clients.  

This can transform your sales conversion so you start seeing results immediately in your impact and income.

People often ask me things like:  

How do I start and end a sales conversation in an authentic, genuine way?

How do I overcome objections ... such as "I don't have time" or "I can't afford it" or "I need to ask my partner"? 

How do I avoid sounding nervous, pushy or awkward and be natural and relaxed?

The skill of selling is something you can learn, develop and even enjoy - even if you currently fear it or don't like it. 

You'll take home a simple, step-by-step formula that will show you exactly how to sign up your ideal clients.  

You'll walk away with the tools that will help you to finally get paid what you're worth and help more people - doing what you love!

With an effective strategy, you will be amazed at how natural you become and how effortlessly your results flow!

Here's What You'll Learn In This Powerful 1-Day Workshop:

  • How to sell with authenticity and integrity using my unique 6-step VALUES formula  
  • How to establish trust and connection from start to finish  
  • The ability to build genuine, authentic rapport with any type of person in order to build a strong and powerful connection  
  • To remove any resistance to selling and fear of rejection  
  • To enjoy selling as a process of value-exchange  
  • The art of being confident to ask for what youโ€™re worth  
  • The secrets of highly-effective negotiation skills that can save you loads of money  
  • An effective sales structure (not a word-for-word script) that you can apply straight away and for years to come

Join Us At The 'Selling With Soul' Workshop

Earlybird tickets only $97 - until midnight, Sunday, 30th September.  

Includes snacks, lunch and a workbook ๐Ÿ‡โ˜•๏ธ  

These workshops sell out fast, so grab your place now!

Knowing the skills of selling with authenticity is a huge advantage that can change everything for you. 

If you have been searching for a dependable, simple solution to grow your coaching or consulting business... 

...a solution that can be implemented in the room with help by your side...  

...a solution that generates clients fast, removes the frustration and just gets results...  

then this workshop is exactly what you've been looking for! 

Meet Your Presenter For The Day... 

Kat Millar: Speaker, Business Coach & Owner of Amplify Your Influence

Kat Millar has helped thousands of people to achieve life-changing results over the last 15 years. She offers a wide range of knowledge drawn from her experience as a business owner - coaching, training and presenting in three different countries. 

Kat is a professionally trained Speaker and NLP Practitioner. She has invested tens of thousands of hours into learning highly-effective business, mindset and influence skills.  

Her seminars and workshops are always packed with valuable strategies and takeaways that can be applied straight away.  

  • Leave the day with effective tools and strategies that you can apply straight away  
  • Meet new people and build your network with other like-minded entrepreneurs  
  • Have your questions answered in an intimate setting to get you unstuck and moving forward into the right action, fast  
  • Have time in the workshop to practice what you're learning straight away.  
  • Get stuff done! This workshop is not just about learning, but DOING!  

Join Us At The 'Selling With Soul' Workshop

Earlybird tickets only $97 - until midnight, Sunday, 30th September.  

Includes snacks, lunch and a workbook ๐Ÿ‡โ˜•๏ธ  

These workshops sell out fast, so grab your place now!