Do You Want A Steady Stream Of High-Paying Clients?

  Kat Millar presents...  


Accelerating the path to your dream business

Are you feeling frustrated with not enough money coming in? 

Is it draining your energy and motivation? 

Have you tried to put things in place but it hasn’t worked anywhere near as well as you hoped? 

What will this cost you over the next year?

The next 6 months? Or even the next month?

I’ve been there too. The bills keep piling up. And the problems don’t go away.  

It's a waste of time and energy and it's discouraging. 

The good news is, it doesn’t need to be this way.  

You CAN have a constant and never-ending flow of potential ideal clients.  

You CAN simplify the whole marketing process down to a few easy steps.  

And you can also receive the money that you really deserve.


The secret lies in the Amplify Your Influence formula.  

It helps you discover the blocks in your business and shows you exactly how to move forward, fast.

Imagine having all the clients that you want and the time to enjoy the business and the life that you dream of...  

Amplify Your Influence Workshops Are For You If:  

  • You’ve been struggling to attract or retain your ideal clients and keep getting stuck (even though you know you could help many more people improve their lives).  
  • You want your business to not only support you financially, but to fulfill you and be aligned with your passions.  
  • You are willing to take action to grow your business.  
  • You’re overwhelmed by all the information out there, and want someone who’s walked the path themselves to give you answers and fast solutions.  
  • You want practical, actionable strategies that you can implement immediately — steps that you know are going to work, for tangible results.  
  • You're tired of hype and want actionable, step-by-step solutions 

The 6 Pillars To Amplify Your Influence:

  • Package Your Passion: Get your business running while you sleep! Automate your approach using simple strategies you can apply straight away, even if you don't feel that you're tech-savvy or super organised!  
  • Attract Your Avatar: Know exactly how to attract your ideal client, without complex, confusing, time-consuming funnels or wasting your ad revenue. You'll learn how to use the right kind of marketing strategies for your unique business.  
  • Profit From Presenting: The 7 Pillars to running a profitable workshop or event, from crafting compelling, well-structured presentations to being confident, engaging and inspirational on video, on webinars and on stage.  
  • Selling With Soul: Easy-to-implement strategies to confidently and authentically make offers and ask for what you're worth, without being pushy or cheesy. The VALUES sales structure that you can apply straight away.  
  • Prosper With Productivity: A day of pure productivity and action for entrepreneurs. The things you've been putting off - DONE! Including a content creation plan, clear social media strategy, lead magnet outline and the record a video  
  • Content That Connects: How to write effective copywriting that attracts your ideal clients. Includes how to create winning Facebook content, Instagram captions, Lead Magnets, Leadpages, LinkedIn articles, Blogs, Emails, and more. Includes easy-to-follow templates.

People often ask me things like:  

Where do I find my ideal clients?

How do I get the confidence to do live video or events?

What's the best way to start? 

How do I best promote myself effectively on social media?

How do I get people to come to my workshops or webinars? (and what if no one comes!)

These are some of the many things you learn at Amplify Your Influence workshops.

  • Leave the day with loads of unique takeaways and strategies that you can apply straight away  
  • Meet great new people and build your network with other like-minded indiviuals  
  • Have your questions answered to get you unstuck and moving forward into the right action, fast

Meet Your Presenter For The Day... 

Kat Millar: Speaker, Coach & owner of Get Results Training

Kat Millar has helped thousands of people to achieve life-changing results over the last 15 years. She offers a wide range of knowledge drawn from her experience as a business owner and from speaking, coaching and training in three different countries. 

Kat is a professionally trained Speaker, NLP Practitioner & Coach. She's invested tens of thousands of hours into learning highly-effective business and influence skills.  

Her seminars and workshops are always packed with valuable strategies and takeaways that can be applied straight away.  

Still wondering if the 'Amplify Your Influence' workshop is for you?  

Amplify Your Influence is for you if:

* You are not making the kind of money you know you want & are capable of. 

* You want to grow your community and authentically connect with more people.

* You need more structure and systems in your business. 

* You are sick and tired of struggling to work things out by yourself.

* You want guidance and support.  

* You want to finally start earning what you're worth.

At an Amplify Your Influence Workshop:

  • You’ll get an easy-to-implement, accelerated path to get more clients.  
  • You'll pick up tools to genuinely build more meaningful connections with your ideal customers, leading to more sign-ups to your offers.  
  • You'll learn what to immediately STOP wasting time on. 

I can’t wait to walk with you step-by-step and help you move your business forward in leaps and bounds!