With Kat Millar

Equipping business owners to make more money, save more time and help more people

Dear busy business owner,  

Are you struggling to make the impact that you want to make in your business?  

Would you like to build your business through inspiring, educating and empowering your audience, customers and clients?  

The Amplify Your Influence Academy offers proven strategies to increase your influence, grow your business and reach more people with your message.

Amplify Your Influence Academy Is For You If: 

  • You’re frustrated at the slow pace of your business growth You’re tired of not earning what you’re worth  
  • You want to attract & help more of the right clients  
  • You’re eager to increase your authority in your industry  
  • You recognise the value of being part of a supportive community, with an experienced mentor guiding you to the results you want 

Amplify Your Influence Academy offers an accelerated path to getting more clients, making more money and making a bigger impact. 

It is for people who want to implement the most effective marketing and business strategies that are working right now. 

It is perfect for small business owners who want to create profitable & reliable income streams by branding, positioning and promoting themselves well. 

If you want to share your services with more people...then mastering the skills of marketing and selling is crucial. Add the skills of packaging, presenting and the right mindset, and your results start to explode!

"A big draw for me was how much time it would save in business. Kat has taken the time to curate resources from years of study and condense that information into accessible resources. It’s absolutely invaluable! 

I don’t need to try out every method or spend time researching. Kat is intuitive, realistic, approachable and very results-oriented” 

– Tiffany Kawena, Clinical Nutritionist & Speaker

This program will equip you to attract an audience, craft and deliver compelling workshops, videos and webinars and sell what you offer to your ideal clients.  

As part of the Amplify Your Influence program, you will receive the most up-to-date, effective information for selling a product, service or idea to Australian audiences, to more effectively communicate your value and your message.  

Many people resist learning how to effectively market and sell effectively, because they don't realise that these skills are simply the ability to inspire others to take action... to help them find a new way of thinking and feeling about your product or service and solve their problem.  

With the correct strategies, you will be amazed how natural you become, how effortless your results flow and your clients & cashflow increases.

People often ask me things like:  

Where do I find my ideal clients?  

How do I get the confidence to do live video or events?  

What's the best way to start?  

How do I best promote myself effective on social media?  

How do I get people to come to my workshops or webinars? (and what if no one comes!)  

These are some of the many things you learn at Amplify Your Influence Academy.

Why I decided to do this:  

I used to be really nervous about putting myself out there as an educator. I didn't know exactly how to do it, but I knew that continuing with the one-on-one model that I was using in my business wasn't going to give me the kind of impact that I wanted to create.  

So I invested in learning business, sales, marketing and professional presenter training (with multiple companies) and applied what I learned.

 It made the world of difference in my business and created a great passion for teaching the art and skill of influence. 

From all the observations, coaching and presentations, I created a rock-solid formula to help people step up, step out and spread their ideas. The formula has been helping people to find and use their authentic voice to help more people and make a bigger impact.  

I now regularly run the Amplify Your Influence Academy and Accelerator programs for small-business owners, teaching them how to position themselves as an influencer, by teaching them crucial skills to grow their business and go from strength-to-strength.  

When you learn how to communicate your message effectively, share your vision and get buy-in from your community, it changes your business.  

Effective influence skills can help you build your business by leaps and bounds. You'll never go back!

"I've been running my business for 6 years and I thought I knew a lot about how to speak to people, but I still had a block in how to best communicate my story & vision. 

Kat has taught me how I can share so much more effectively and learn more about myself and the message that I want to get across" 

- Vanessa Leaver, Director: Sydney Therapy Co.

What You'll Learn:

Marketing Skills (how to effectively attract) 

  • Learn how to attract your ideal customers and convert them into ongoing clients
  • Create a complete, easily-actionable marketing plan for your entire business
  • Access dozens of marketing templates, cheat sheets, power-words and marketing examples

Packaging Skills (how to effectively engage)

  • Package your offers to give people a clear path that also maximises the impact you make in the world
  • Attract raving fans and convert them to ongoing long-term relationships
  • Develop your business model complete with name and prices, so you’re ready to launch!

Presenting Skills (how to deliver)

  • Learn how to craft and deliver compelling presentations 
  • Develop the skills to own any stage with authentic confidence 
  • Have the skills to generate thousands of dollars through presenting 

Sales Skills (how to convert)

  • Discover how to be paid what you’re worth 
  • Know what to say to prospects from intro to close
  • Remove any resistance or fear of rejection

Mindset Skills (how to conquer)

  • Turn fear into confidence in every aspect of your business 
  • Learn powerful NLP tools to reprogram your mind 
  • Develop your entrepreneurial mindset 

What would it be worth to you and your business if...  

  • You didn’t have to spend hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars trying to figure out your systems and tech, only to STILL not know whether it's going to work.  
  • You could learn how to set up, execute, and maximise your marketing from a single step-by-step program, instead of jumping between multiple overpriced trainings that give you only a few pieces of the puzzle and leave you with NO IDEA on how to complete the picture.  
  • You could stop “thinking” about all you need to be doing to grow your business... stop “talking” about it ... and instead, confidently and consistently attract and engage the people who want want you offer.


To equip you to get more clients and using only the most current, effective, up-to-date and proven influence skills.  

Amplify Your Influence Academy produces game-changing results for its members. 

"Kat's teachings have been tremendously helpful in my career. Kat is very helpful and knowledgeable about business & how to build confidence. 

I find Kat's format and what she has taught me has enabled me to be much more clear & concise in my message to my audience and clients." 

- Silvia Wulf, Business Analyst & Entrepreneur

About Kat Millar

Speaker, Coach, Owner: Get Results Training  

Kat knows what it takes to influence people. She has helped 1,000+ people achieve life-changing results over the last 14 years. Kat offers a wide range of knowledge drawn from her experience as a business owner working in three different countries.  

Kat is a professionally trained Speaker, NLP Practitioner & Coach.  

She's invested tens of thousands of hours into learning highly-effective communication, crafting and confidence skills.  

Her seminars and workshops are inspiring, thought-provoking and always packed with valuable strategies and takeaways that can be applied straight away.  

“Kat I wanted to share my gratitude for shifting my mindset around creating my workshop. Thank you for imparting your wealth of wisdom & your filtering down your years of research & experience – it’s gold, absolute gold. You’ve tested and measured and know what works. 

I am really excited to craft my workshop with the intention of providing an offer for my services. I had massive fear and limiting beliefs around this, which has now shifted.” 

– Emma Garrett, Owner: Mind Thrive 

Frequently Asked Questions  

Here are the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about Amplify Your Influence Academy:

Q. Do I have to have an existing business or can I start the program without that? 

A. You can join the program - even if you don’t have your business set up – other aspects of creating a business are included in the program FAQ’s 

Q. What if I can’t make a workshop?  

A. All the workshop content is recorded as webinar trainings and uploaded into the vault to listen back to later. You will still get massive value from the course if you miss a workshop, because I continually reinforce the fundamentals.  

Q. What if I have no speaking experience or english is my second language?

A. My encouragement to you is – invest in learning. Effective communication is absolutely key to flourishing in business and life.  

Q. I want to do it, but I don’t have enough for the full amount, do you have payment options? 

A. Yes we have weekly payment plans for that.  

Q. What if I don’t know my why, my message or my story? 

A. 80-90% of people I work with actually don’t know this – but they just know that they want to make a difference. And that’s what I help you with 

Q. Will the price change?  

A. Yes it will increase as the program grows.  

Q. I’m already doing a business course elsewhere will this still benefit me? 

A. This depends what you are getting out of the other course. However layered learning is extremely powerful when you combine this course with others, because they usually all dove-tail into each other. Repetition is the mother of skill so hearing things from a different angle can be very helpful. This is why I have invested over $65,000 in a range of different business courses with different teachers to get a large amount of knowledge and expertise. Trust your intuition on whether this is going to be beneficial for you.  

Q. I’ve already done other business programs and I'm still not where I want to be. Do you think it's worth doing another one?  

A. Yes! If you are not where you want to be, you need ongoing support and guidance. Business is not something you learn and then you’re good at it for life. It’s an ever-evolving skill and why I myself continue to get coaching on it and recommend that everyone who wants to grow their business does too. 

“I learned an AWFUL lot about influence and running my own workshops and I almost thought I had it all nailed. I would really recommend Kat’s teachings if you’re looking to increase your ability to communicate with your audience from a place of real power and to have genuine influence."

- Jane Turner, Published Author and Speaker  

Still Wondering If Amplify Your Influence Academy Is For You?  

This checklist should help…  

  • Amplify Your Influence is for you if you know that you need more structure and systems in your business.  
  • Amplify Your Influence is for you if you are not making the kind of money you know you want to, and are capable of.  
  • Amplify Your Influence is for you if you are sick and tired of struggling to work things out by yourself.  
  • Amplify Your Influence is for you if you want to grow your tribe and authentically make a difference in more people's lives.  
  • Amplify Your Influence is for you don't want to keep wasting time and need help to take your business where you want it.  

“The program has exceeded my expectations. The content is delivered in such an inspiring, informative way. 

Kat brings such great energy to the room and shared her wisdom in such an enjoyable, fun learning environment” 

– Deborah Dissanayake, Director of Fundraising

This extra special package is only available for a limited-time so be sure to sign up before the offer ends! You won’t want to miss out on these!

When you enroll during this limited-time promotional period, you’ll get:  

01 Face-to-Face Live Workshops: in-person in Sydney every month for 3 months. Get up-close and personal with Kat and other similar business owners for hands-on training on the five pillars of Amplify Your Influence: Marketing, Mindset, Packaging, Presenting and Sales. Learn all the skills you need to explode your business in a personalised, intimate training environment. Value: $291

02 Online Webinars & Video Training: New in-depth training videos released monthly online. Includes all previous training videos and access to all updated videos on the latest, 'what's working now' content based on the five pillars of Amplify Your Influence. Watch in the comfort of your own home, any time. Value: $397

03 Private Members-Only Facebook Group: Gain unlimited insight, inspiration, and feedback from Kat as well as a friendly & approachable group of like-minded entrepreneurs. Get your most pressing questions answered, so your progress will never again be held up with the details. I’m live in our in in the Private FB Group regularly to help you troubleshoot and move forward. Value: $297

04 Vault of Documents: Not only do you get access to all the previous training videos + walkthroughs, but you also get exclusive access to all my cheat sheets, templates, scripts - work that I've developed over many years that can literally save you hundreds of hours. Value: $1,397

PLUS: BONUS LIFETIME access to the Vault! If you join during this special promotion, you will not only get 3 months access to the Vault, you'll have it for life. That includes ALL ongoing updates, so you'll always stay on the cutting edge of what's working now! Value: Priceless  

When you add it all up, that’s a total value of $2,379.  

And that’s not even counting the extra surprises and value-bombs I’ll be dropping on you once we get started…  

But because I’m super excited to welcome you, I’m giving you the opportunity to enroll in the Amplify Your Influence Academy TODAY at the special promo price of just...  


If you have any questions about the program, please contact us

"Kat’s support enabled me to take the plunge and do what I am passionate about and I have seen instant results. It has definitely fast-tracked my progress. 

After our sessions, I am always so inspired and motivated, with clear ideas on how to implement.” 

– Jessica Lee, Business Consultant

Learn the mistakes to avoid, the opportunities to stop missing and the keys for how to effectively:  

  • Make More Money  
  • Save More Time  
  • Help More People 

Limited Spaces: The program has limited spaces to provide a highly-personalised experience.  

Starts immediately: You'll get speedy access to the Vault, online training and community.

I can’t wait to walk with you step-by-step and help you build your successful business!


P.S - If you'd prefer to access the accelerator program with one-on-one coaching, jump over here: