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Are you missing out on new clients because of the way you communicate? 

Do you want to learn how to present more confidently and effectively and inspire more people to action?

In this one transformational day, you will learn how to overcome your fears around presenting, get your message across more clearly and concisely and start to earn what you're worth!


This Masterclass is for you if you are a small business owner, such as a Coach or Consultant who wants to have more influence and attract more clients. 

If you have ever done a presentation and ended up disappointed by the uptake of new clients, this is for you.

You'll learn how to better present and package your knowledge, while also remaining your unique and authentic self.

You'll take pages of notes in your workbook on the exact strategies to present skillfully and effectively, and position yourself as an authority - every time.  

"Kat's speaking workshop was fantastic - I learned so much! 

She is a fab trainer, with so much passion and knowledge and she made it so much fun, I had such a great day."

- Jessica Lee, Owner: The Spark Effect  

Using the ‘Unleash Your Influence' principles, you will get an immediate response when you speak that will be unlike any you have experienced before.  

Eyes will be fixed on you... people will be drawn to what you say... 

That’s because you will be using techniques most people have no idea about - but that win over even the toughest audiences.  


* 3 specific things you can do to move from FEAR to CONFIDENCE

* Uncover your UNIQUE presentation style and use it to INSPIRE people to take action

* AVOID the 8 biggest mistakes that MOST speakers make, that switch off their audience  

* A powerful visualisation technique that Olympians use to give their BEST performance

* INFLUENCE people to your ideas, without coming across as pushy or arrogant  

* How to come across as more CREDIBLE, in order to create desire for what you are offering  

* How to CRAFT your talks to lower resistance in your audience

* ​Feel genuinely CONFIDENT speaking in front of a group of any size  

"I've been running my business for 6 years and I thought I knew a lot about how to speak to people, but I still had a block in how to best communicate my story & vision. 

At your workshop, I learned how I can share so much more effectively. It was a great opportunity to learn about myself and the message that I want to get across" 

- Vanessa Leaver, Director: Sydney Therapy Co.

Spaces are filling fast: grab yours now!  

"Its amazing how much information Kat packed into the day! 

The way she organised the day meant we also got to meet other amazing people. 

I loved everything about it and look forward to working more with Kat!" 

– Leanne Allen, Psychologist

* Leave the day with loads of unique takeaways and strategies to be more confident, powerful and skilled to be a highly-influential presenter  

 * Meet great new people and build your network with other influencers  

* Practical content you can apply straight away, as well as a chance to practice and gain valuable feedback. 

* Have all your personal questions answered. Content tailored to suit the group.  

"Kat's teachings have been tremendously helpful in my career.  

I present to people all the time & I find Kat's format and what she has taught me has enabled me to be much more clear & concise. 

Kat is very helpful and knowledgeable about business & how to build confidence" 

- Silvia Wulf, Business Analyst & Entrepreneur

About Kat Millar Speaker, Coach, CEO Get Results Training  

Kat knows what it takes to influence people. She has helped 1,000+ people achieve life-changing results over the last 14 years. Kat offers a wide range of knowledge drawn from her experience as a business owner working in three different countries.  

Kat is a professionally trained Speaker, NLP Practitioner & Coach.  

She's invested tens of thousands of hours into learning highly-effective communication, crafting and confidence skills.  

Her seminars and workshops are inspiring, thought-provoking and always packed with valuable strategies and takeaways that can be applied straight away.  

“Kat I wanted to share my gratitude for shifting my mindset around creating my workshop. Thank you for imparting your wealth of wisdom & your filtering down your years of research & experience – it’s gold, absolute gold. 

You’ve tested and measured and know what works. 

I am really excited to craft my workshop with the intention of providing an offer for my services. I had massive fear and limiting beliefs around this, which has now shifted.” 

– Emma Garrett, Owner: Mind Thrive 

Break through your fears and doubts, share your message with more people and attract more clients by improving your communication skills. 

Only 129 (door price 149)

This is my FINAL public workshop for 2017 - you don't wanna miss this one!  

Spaces are filling fast. Grab yours now!