You live a big life. You are strong, you are capable, yet you know there is more for you.  

At Unleash Your Freedom, we believe women are powerful beyond measure. We believe you are a unique gift to the world and you deserve to live a life of total freedom. 

Our events equip and inspire women like you to step up to your next level and remove whatever is in the way of the life you desire and deserve.

What is Unleash Your Freedom?

Unleash Your Freedom is one of the most transformational women's seminars in Sydney.  

These female-exclusive events, with expert female speakers, team and support provide a unique, safe and nurturing environment to help you find release, rejuvenation and restoration. 

It's a soul-nourishing day where you find more of your authentic self and discover at a deeper level what truly matters to you.  

"There was such a welcoming atmosphere, I felt very looked after. Very authentic speakers!" 

- Penny Dalton

At Unleash Your Freedom, you will:  

  • Unlock layers of your potential and discover how to live more intentionally on your own terms  
  • Make new friends, be refreshed, get inspired and walk away with a new lease on life  
  • Create and clarify your goals in alignment with your highest values  
  • Understand and release the BIGGEST limiting belief that is holding you back  
  • Unpack your deepest passions, gifts and desires and use these to create a plan of action 

"If you want new perspectives and reasons to step out of fear and into the life you want, this is it!"  

- Corinne Blight

Many women have a nurturing, generous heart and want to make an impact beyond their current reality.  

Yet, oftentimes the very gift of her giving nature can cause her to be consumed with burdens she wasn’t designed to carry.  

She can find herself on other peoples goal path, carrying things that weigh down her mind and heart.  

Is this you?  

"I loved the topics, the speakers, the venue, the great energy and Kat as a speaker, speaking with heart and vulnerability." 

- Sarah Roebuck

What You Get:  

  • Expert female speakers on health, mindset, emotions, creativity and confidence - bringing cutting-edge, valuable content
  • Experiential, fun activities and guided visualisations  
  • Lush goodies and gifts  
  • Delicious healthy, gourmet lunch and snacks (with gluten-free/dairy-free/vegan options) plus hot and cold drinks  
  • Gorgeous sponsored prizes to be won
  • A workbook that follows the outline of the day  
  • Meaningful connections with like-minded women  
  • Tools and strategies you can apply straight away  

"My highlights were all the wonderful speakers, I also loved the food and connecting with the other women. I learned so much and I am committed to using my voice more!" 

- Vanessa Treverrow 

“What I loved most about the day, was when you realise that you’re not the only one who struggles. When you see other people letting go, you think – why do I need permission from someone else to change? I can give MYSELF permission” 

– Em Garrett

You'll Discover Five Pillars of Transformation: 

1. Unleash Your Mindset

Unlock powerful keys in your mind to achieve the results that you deserve  

2. Unleash Your Health

Learn optimal ways to nourish your body through highly-effective lifestyle and nutrition strategies

3. Unleash Your Expression 

Discover how to tap into greater levels of your expression and creativity  

4. Unleash Your Heart  

Discover new ways to build a better relationship with yourself and connect with the messages your heart sends 

5. Unleash Your Power  

Pick up tools to help you step more fully into your power, live on your own terms and live more as the powerhouse woman that you are 

"I loved it - beautiful space, amazing passionate team and an empowering message. Women showing up authentically and whole heartedy & showing lessons from their journey. I will definitely be showing up in my truth more and stop playing small!" 

- Joanne Tweedie

Unleash Your Freedom equips, inspires and passionately supports you to step into the fullness of who you are, as an incredible woman. 

It's a place to turn down the noise, find the things no longer serving you and prioritise what is most important and meaningful to you. 

“It was an amazing day, I am so happy to be part of it, I got out more than what I expected." 

– Ying Chang

"My highlights were the release moments, the speakers, the dancing and the visualisations. I will be applying what I discovered to my life" 

- Laura Gutierrez

The results of our previous events have been incredible: people who had been stuck find clarity ... and experience new direction and confidence they never knew was possible.  

Unleash Your Freedom is BEYOND strategies and information. You will walk away with new and powerful real-world tools to ensure the event is beyond just a 'nice day out'.  

We believe that when more women realise how powerful they truly are, the world will never be the same.  

Are you ready to step into your next level?  

It's your time. 

If you want to discover more about who you are and be part of a divine collaboration that can start to rewrite the future for you, your loved ones, and your community - we’d LOVE you to join us.

Join us to create the epic life you dream of, overflowing with fulfilment and happiness.