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Success stories and Kat’s chats


Client Updates –


I just want to share some stories from some of the wonderful people that continue to amaze and inspire me!



has lost 9kg in 7 weeks! And dropped 8.5% body fat!


She needs a new wardrobe!


She can now run for an hour non-stop – something she had never been able to do in her life! Amazing what a great goal and some serious guts and determination can do! Keep going strong Marie! :-)



has set some amazing goals this year and has achieved unbelievable things! She has a goal to burn 11,000 calories a month through cardio (she SO can do it!).


She loves combat and kicks butt with boxing and weights – she looks amazing and I can’t wait to see what she looks like next measures consultation after some serious focused training and eating well.


Her reward for hitting goal weight? A fab photo shoot! Can’t wait to see pics! :-)



is very focused and kicking butt in his training!


I’m training him a minimum 3x a week which helps him stay focused on the task at hand and I can usually squeeze a few extra reps out of him that he didn’t think he could do. He always leaves the gym wasted!


We’ve also started doing more partner stretching to work on the flexibility that is necessary when doing loads of weight training. :-)



is resisting the chocolate Christmas trees in her fridge – woohoo! She is working hard and doesn’t want to ruin it by blowing it! She’s only been going a few weeks and is already feeling much better :)



has lost 16 cm’s in a month! She is looking and feeling fab ☺ Her exercise calendar is absolutely chocka from all the hard work she’s been doing!



is now in the healthy body fat zone – wonderful!! She expends so many calories per week – no wonder her clothes are falling off her! :-)



has lost 12kg’s in a month!! Will keep updating you on his progress, he is going for gold! :-)


There are so many more stories of people making positive changes, I will continue to share their successes.


Kat’s Chat’s –


Wow, 1 week til Christmas, I can’t believe it! The sun is getting up earlier and setting later and I’m loving being outdoors in the fresh air! Running is keeping me sane in these busy slightly stressful times! Still totally loving pounding the pavement every morning ☺


I’m enjoying working hard, but also looking forward to a holiday to prepare for 2009. I have lots of goals for next year so will be great to have some time to prepare.


I will be making the most of having some time off to really hit the gym hard too – it’ll be nice and quiet in there so I will be making the most of it! I’m planning training my legs every 3rd day – either heavy weights or 30 mins walking lunges.


My Km’s goal is still on track and I’ve written myself some hard core weights programs that I’m looking forward to getting into!


‘Your actions give people a powerful indicator of who you are’


‘Success stories and Kat’s chats’ is a post by Kat Millar – Fitness and nutrition advisor, online coach and trainer, //2008. To find out how you can get help in your own body transformation journey, email Kat at

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