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Get over it and get it done!


Get over it and get it done!


This is my catch phrase at the moment, something that kept me going and sticking with my training plan this week.


Isn’t it hard getting so caught up in your day-to-day activity that you just flop into bed at night and don’t even step back to look at your life or what you want your tomorrow to be like?


Tomorrow is a new day. I think we all need to remind ourselves from time to time that we are on a journey and we all can succeed! A bad week or day or moment doesn’t have to derail us.


I felt so good in that cardio room last week. I hit a ‘PB’ on my 2.4km fitness test (something I do every week and try to beat my time) – I got 12mins 31, beating my time by 10 seconds, it was a wonderful sense of achievement! At the time it was so hard I wanted to cry! My lungs were screaming at me and I so wanted to stop, but I didn’t.


(Do you EVER regret keeping going? NO! Do you EVER regret going to the gym on the days you don’t feel like it? NO WAY!)


On Friday after work, I just hit a wall energy-wise and I could barely drag myself out of the house to meet my friend to train. So that’s where my catch phrase came in handy ‘Get over it and get it done!’ Oh how my brain searched for reasons and excuses not to do it! But I knew I wanted to have it done and tick it off on my training calendar.


We just need to lock that buzz of satisfaction we feel afterwards into our heads to propel us to do it!


We all have many balls thrown at us that we are constantly trying to juggle, but if we know what’s important to us – the things that are a ‘Given’ then we will put those things in place and work the other things that come up around them.


I’m learning to say ‘No’ to certain people and things that don’t line up with my values.


If you’re not clear on the things that are a GIVEN in your life, it’s helpful to write them down.


Write a values list

What are the things I will do every day and every week, no matter how busy my life gets or what comes up? Then we must stick to them until they become habit!


Mine are –

1. Healthy eating every day. No excuses. Make good choices, plan my meals. Don’t leave it to chance.


2. Exercise every day. No matter what. It doesn’t matter how busy I get, I know that I know that I know that it is one thing that never gets compromised. I believe there is no excuse for anyone not to get even at least a 20 min walk in somewhere in their 16 hours a day!


3. Get 7-8 hours sleep, more if you need it! I know if I don’t, I don’t function properly and life is just harder! The harder you train, the more sleep you need too, to let your body repair and recover.


4. Have at least 20 mins a day to myself to spend some time thinking about things other than work – reflecting, listening to music etc. Lately I’ve been walking while I do this.


5. Have a full day off every Sunday where I don’t do any work and I visit friends and family and relax


I have many many more but these are my main ones. I get grumpy if I don’t follow these things, even if one gets neglected, because they all make me feel good and give me balance in my life.


Have a think about your values and givens – better yet, write them down. Writing things down is powerful. It gets it out of our heads and cements it more effectively than just thinking about it


We also need to learn when to push ourselves and when to be kind to ourselves. I tend to push myself too hard and then get run down. So I am still learning balance in my life. But at other times, I know that I am able to do something but I am trying to talk myself out of it.


We need to learn to distinguish the voices in our heads and sometimes we need to have a few phrases that help us. At certain times, such as today my phrase is ‘It’s ok Kat, you have worked hard this week and don’t feel guilty for relaxing!


At other times you may know you need to push yourself harder in order to achieve your goals and that your brain is just trying to find the excuses and easy ways out. So at those times, feel free to use my latest phrase ‘Get over it and get it done’



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